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Sparkol VideoScribe crack is free for you. Presentations are now the common medium of communicating and presenting forth ideas and results for both an official as well as a personal audience. Presentations are seen as a means to represent thoughts in bit sized slides appearing in a sequential manner to tell a story. As presentations allow text, photo, video, and audio, it adds to the element of aesthetic value to your storytelling. There are several software available for different platforms for creating and editing spreadsheets. With all of these sharing a common back-end interface and interaction code, presentations are not able to allure in the concentration of their viewers and have lost their charm. For this reason, newer trends with regard to presentations are starting to emerge. One among them comes from Sparkol in their product, VideoScribe.

VideoScribe Crack is a software that allows its users to present their ideas and reports in the form of a customized whiteboard video with stop-motion animation, creative transitions, and a professional aesthetic value. The user is able to accomplish all of this, without the need for any complicated code or previous knowledge. Any non-professional would be able to operate the software. The program is available on both the desktop platform with compatibility with Windows PC and Apple’s Macintosh and on mobile with compatibility with Apple OS and Google’s Android. However, the software has limited features on mobile and is available on high-end devices with latest software versions. The user can add visual effects to their presentation without having to worry about smoother transitions or animations. The software allows you to create videos at a smoother pace with the aesthetic value of the richest format.

Sparkol VideoScribe 2.3.6 Crack

Sparkol VideoScribe 2.3.6 Crack

Platforms supported

  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows OS are supported
  • The latest service pack of Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1, 8 (Service Pack 1 Update)
  • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 Update)
  • Windows Vista
  • Macintosh OS 10.7 and higher versions

Alternatives to Sparkol VideoScribe

  • Prezi
  • Moovly
  • Slide Dog
  • Presentation Tube
  • Explore
  • Video Maker FX
  • Open Source Web
  • Super Animo
  • Show box
  • Academic Presenter
  • IntuiFace
  • Animation
  • Zoho Show
  • Pow Toon

What’s New

  • The latest version 3.0.1 supports English and Spanish within VideoScribe’s software options.
  • Import of image files in the JPEG and PNG format is now much easier and user-friendly.
  • On the same lines of import, loading times have reduced especially for heavier folders such as Image libraries
  • Auto-save for recovery is faster in the background
  • Logo Watermark can be added to your finished project/video
  • Bugs related to move-in elements and in-app lagging issues have been resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to run the software on a desktop?

  • For a Windows OS operating system, be it a 32 or 64 bit, an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II 1.6GHz processor is recommended. For Mac, a 1.83GHz multi-core processor is recommended. Along with this, 1-2 GB of RAM along with one GB free memory for the software installation is required. A screen resolution of 1280×720 minimum is ideal to view all software elements.

About the publisher

Sparkol is a software startup based in the United Kingdom. The sole purpose of the company is to make connections between people without any restrictions. The company envisioned the world where people were communicating without any limitations of any technical ability. The company has been frequent developers of unique video creation, editing, and processing tools since 2008 with VideoScribe being one of their most popular products. Currently, the company has customers in over 120 countries across the globe with different partnerships with giants in the technology sector. According to a 2014 statistic, Sparkol has a quarter million customers. The company is a recipient of the Marketing on Mobile Award (MOMA). The award-winning team comprises of designers, illustrators, musicians, and skillful developers, working together each day to develop better software solutions.

Final Verdict

VideoScribe is a great software solution for professionals looking to take an extra step to ensure that their presentation appeals at a better aesthetic level to the target audience. The software’s user-friendly nature and ease of use have ensured that the software is a common tool exercised by its customers to communicate with their clientele.


The software application was given the Marketing of Mobile Award (MOMA) for being the best B2B software solution in 2017. For this reason, the software was featured on the internet on popular websites such as Mashable and BBC.

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