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Quick Heal Antivirus 2019 Crack is an antivirus made by the Quick Heal Company. This application is known to be a lightweight cloud-based security tool that is meant to shield your system operating system. It offers assurance against numerous virtual worlds or system based dangers. This is considered a nice application since its innovation protects your surfing experience and multi-dimensional insurance. Alongside entire assurance from threats, for example, spyware adware, Trojan infections, worms, and different dangers, it likewise gives information and security assurance to your PC and versatile, firewalls hostile to phishing and parental control. Clients of the product are shielded from interruption by outside programmers and web programmers. That way your character and innovation and resources within the web and versatile world are totally secure. You can shop, bank, travel, and work securely using your computerized character.

It works by consecutively running a sweep to scan for any suspicious files that might be present and deletes them. It contains enhanced tools that guarantee your protection, what’s more, information is protected while utilizing an obscure program and perusing perilous destinations. Likewise, the tools for your PC streamlining are incorporated into it. These devices incorporate Registry Defragmenter, Duplicate File Discoverer, Disk Cleanup and Registry Cleanup. With everything taken into account, the product is secure and exceptionally helpful for its clients.

This antivirus gives safety to your machine from viruses and other harmful files. Safeguard laptop computer data, firewall anti-phishing, mobile data, and parental control. It also maintains your data and your confidentiality well secure and sound. Also, provide safety when surfing unsafe websites and unknown applications. Therefore, this software is a very beneficial antivirus. In addition, it assists you to spark off software. If a user is facing some issues with this software crack for home Windows 10, you can easily contact the purchaser-provider agent. You will be responded to within few minutes. This is so because it was designed that way for simplicity. It has IT protection scheme across the length and depth of many tools and on multiple platforms.

Quick Heal 2019 crack is personalized to suit consumers, government organizations, small-scale businesses, and several big companies. Furthermore, Quick Heal Antivirus is a robust antivirus software program and has a large quantity of anti-spyware utility designed for people like you. This is also an opportunity for Android users because they are provided with the key. Therefore, you use this software on smartphones of an Android operating system. It is a modern-day platform for cloud-based safety and superior desktop gaining knowledge of enabled solutions to quit threats, attacks, and malicious files earlier than before it strikes.

Key Features of Quick Heal total security Antivirus 2019

  • Multidimensional insurance furnished with extra tools, for example, AntiMalware, Firewall, AntiRootkit, and AntiSpyware.
  • The principal DNAScan joins trademark and conduct evaluation for the observing of harmful files; which brings about the most precise acknowledgment of dangers.
  • Scan Engine feature is enhanced and this limits asset framework stockpiling.
  • Web Protection feature makes provision for and it blocks dangers passed on through sites that contain hurtful codes.
  • Sandbox browser: this feature gives protected and continuous internet surfing experience ( sandbox browser currently accompanies USB support)
  • Information Theft Protection ruins not allowed replication of information utilizing streak drives.
  • Provision for Parental Control: It also manages and monitors Internet utilization for your teenagers when they use it.
  • Security Protection disposes of delicate information records to stop resurgence by any recovery features. This ensures finish privacy and security of significant information.
  • Export and import settings aids situations where numerous PC design or reinstallations are concerned.
  • PC2Mobile Scan cleans and sweeps Smartphones, PDA’s and cell phones, from your PC. PCTunerdirects you on the most proficient method to accelerate your PC.
  • USB Drive Protection serves to examine outside capacity gadgets routinely.
  • Email Security squares phishing and adulterated messages from getting to your inbox
  • Experimental Mode Protection keeps unapproved clients from changing security settings when the framework is running in Safe Mode.
  • You can customize your startup functions settings.
  • It also offers protection for records theft control especially when your PC is linked to the internet.
  • This tool additionally have a trendy interface and personal settings
  • Safeguard privacy terms: to pass by restoration via any recovery software program through securely deletes and sensitive information files.

System Requirements for Quick Heal Antivirus 2019 crack

  • A 1GHz processor for Windows operating system, the Windows are Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
  • A 300MHz or any processor that is higher is required for Windows such as MS Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP.
  • RAM size of 2GB for a 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8
  • RAM size of 1GB for a 32-bit Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8
  • RAM size of 1GB for both 32-bit and 64-bit MS Windows Vista
  • RAM size of 512MB for MS Windows XP and MS Windows 2000 Professional
  • Space of the Hard disk should have free 2.25GB for installation to be possible
  • A DVD drive is needed
  • Access to internet connection is required as well

How to crack?

    1. You should download Quick Heal Antivirus 2018 setup from any link provided for you here
    2. Next step is for you to simply follow the installation process
    3. Make sure you don’t open the software immediately you completed the installation process
    4. The license key for this software should be copied from any source available
    5. Paste this license key into the folder where the installed setup is located
    6. When the crack has been copied into the folder, you should then open the patch file
    7. The serial key should be input into it
    8. Some instructions will pop up, follow strictly those instructions
    9. Then it will be activated after you may have duly followed those instructions
    10. It is now ready and can now be used


Considering the fact that several options of software are in the market doing the same job of Quick heal is not breaking news. But this software seems to surpass all others in the same product line. It measures up to the latest standard and requirement mostly sought for in the antivirus world. It’s surely a package worth its money.

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