WhatsApp For Windows 7 Free Download

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Because of the boom of the smartphone industry, various mobile applications have been made to significantly improve the convenience of connecting with one another. Among the best apps for connectivity is the WhatsApp messenger. The application was launched by WhatsApp Inc. in order to provide the public with 1 year of free unlimited calls and text messages to anyone with the app. Users only need to install the app on their devices and connect to the Internet in order to enjoy unlimited communication with their friends and loved ones. Text, voice and video calls can be easily made to connect with almost anyone around the globe.

WhatsApp for Windows 7 Free Download

The Need for Connection

WhatsApp has greatly revolutionized the connection app industry. It has brought great convenience in communication between people near or far. Anyone can connect through a WiFi network or a mobile data carrier. The app offers a free trial for one whole year so that the users can enjoy the benefits instantly. When the trial expires, the user is then offered to purchase the full product for a minimal amount.

WhatsApp for the PC

Whenever the mobile app is purchased, the user will also be able to download the same app and install them on their PC as well. This can be done by following a few easy steps. Android users will find that the PC interface is just the same as their mobile app interface. With this, you can launch WhatsApp on your PC while doing something else entirely with your mobile device.

WhatsApp for Windows 7 Free Download

Key Features

Here are some of the features carried over to the PC app:

  • Make overseas calls easily.
  • Charges for long distance calls are removed.
  • Notifications via sound can be set up hassle-free.
  • Text messages, voice and video calls anytime to anywhere with anyone.
  • Various chat and conversation themes are available.
  • Timestamps are shown so that you will know if the recipient already saw the message.
  • The app allows users to create quick-reply messages in case they are busy on something at the moment.
  • The app lets you send a message template to multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Share files and media with your friends by attaching them to your messages.
  • The app can directly access 911 anytime.
  • You can share contact details and information through the app.
  • Wallpapers can be changed and customized easily.
  • Chat and conversation history is recorded and can be reviewed through email.
  • Sending and sharing your location is made easy thanks to the GPS feature.

More to Love about WhatsApp

Through the latest app update, WhatsApp for PC is now capable of sharing a specific chat history to another application. However, this feature is only available for devices running on Android 6.0 or higher.

The app also lets users bookmark their favorite conversations so they can re-read them at any time easily. Just add the conversion to the starred messages and you can access them next time easier.

Connect More

WhatsApp for Windows 7 full version free download can connect easily across other PCs as well as Android Systems, Nokia, Motorola, Windows, Blackberry or iOS devices. With this, you can connect with more people even while sitting in your desktop chair. The following are some features enabling the users to stay connected anytime, anywhere:

  • Phonebook contacts are shared easily from a mobile device to the PC app.
  • International calls are always free of charge through the desktop app.
  • Settings are highly customization to personalize each conversation.
  • The app is regularly updated so that the user is always using the best version available.
  • The app does not require much computer resource as any other application to run.

Highlight: Meetings

Video calls with multiple participants are made easy thanks to the WhatsApp desktop app. Users can easily invite other participants to join in on an ongoing conversation easily.

  1. Run WhatsApp on the desktop.
  2. Create a new chat window.
  3. Select new group.
  4. Open a discussion subject
  5. Choose which participants to invite and add.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Start a group meeting or discussion.

The Bottom Line

WhatsApp for Windows 7 is a great messaging and connectivity app to have. By having the mobile and the desktop app for use, you can easily connect and catch up to billions of users around the globe. All you need are a working PC and a reliable internet connection and you are set to call and chat anyone across the globe.


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