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windows 7 serial key for 32bit/64bit 2018

In today’s times, operating systems need to be able to meet the growing needs of tech savvy users. The capabilities of operating systems now have to be much more than what was expected of them probably ten years ago. Microsoft has realized this well and its efforts to make the line of operating systems more relevant and hi-tech with each release is there for everyone to see.

Windows XP was an exceptional operating system when it released. It became the most widely used and loved edition of Windows. However, if you consider Windows XP from today’s perspective, it has a lot of limitations and is not the right fit to be used in current times. On the other hand, Windows 7 is advanced and loaded with every function and feature to provide the current user the best of experience.

Windows 7 serial key can be considered as a complete Windows since XP, especially after the debacle of Vista. It has a fresh look, premium interface, numbers of amazing features and all of that is boosted with high performance and speed. It is used by millions of people around the globe and the keen users seem to be very impressed with the first-rate experience it provides.

But, before you are able to enjoy access to all the awesomeness of Windows 7, you need Windows 7 product key to activate the program. Microsoft requires product key for the activation of all of its products and Windows 7 is no exception.

Windows 7 Product Key – Guaranteed to Work!

Why Is A Product Key Important?

A product key is an alphanumeric code of any length. It basically lets the software developers know that the user has acquired the program legally and has paid for it. Microsoft has its own authorized system of generating product keys for genuine products. However, if you have not purchased the product from an official source, you will not be able to access the product key in a conventional manner. In this case, there are some sources on the internet that can provide you with 100% working product keys like this Windows 7 product key.

Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7 product key is required to be entered either at the time of installation or after the Windows has been installed. This key activates the Windows for lifetime use and allows the user to access all the features without activating them separately. There is a period in which you need to enter Windows 7 product key to activate the program. Once that time limit has expired, Windows will stop functioning. Therefore, the importance of Windows 7 product key is undeniable.

Benefits of Windows 7 Product Key

Following are some of the benefits of Windows 7 product key.

  • Windows 7 product key activates the Windows for a lifetime so the user can be carefree about the Windows expiring or errors and notifications appearing every now and then.
  • The activation using Windows 7 product key is completely safe and secure. There is no chance of Microsoft detecting that the key hasn’t been acquired from authorized sources.
  • This Windows 7 product key activates all the editions of Windows 7, including the Professional one.
  • Windows 7 product key does not alter the system files in any way. Therefore, there is no chance of your system being harmed.

Key Features of Windows 7

Once you have activated the Windows with Windows 7 product key, there is a world of awesome and advanced features of Windows 7 that you will be able to explore on your own.

Some of such features of Windows 7 include:

Improved Taskbar

Windows Vista had a taskbar that was way too cluttered. That issue has been resolved with fresh Windows 7 taskbar that is cleaner and also reloaded with a capacity to handle both running and non-running apps with equal aplomb.

Media-savvy Windows Media Player

Microsoft has put a lot of thought into its own well-known, built-in media player. Windows Media Player in Windows 7 supports additional audio formats to let the user have unparalleled music listening and movie watching experience. There is now a support for new file-format, through which the user can play any unprotected audio and video from Apple’s online store.

Action Center

There is an action center now that can be expanded on the right side of the screen. It contains all the system and application notifications that you can deal with as per your convenience. It means you will be updated with alerts without being interrupted with tons of pop-ups. You can schedule when you want to do deal with a certain action and also let the Windows know what you want done.

Better Search and Organization

Windows 7 has made searching for files and folders easier and simpler. The overall performance and speed of the operating system are pretty good and that is evident with context-sensitive taskbar. This even enables you to accomplish things within an application even before opening it.


The library privileges have been enhanced in Windows 7. Any of the files and folders on your hard drive can now be bundled and stored in the library to provide you a single-click access to them through libraries.

New System Tray

There is nothing more annoying than irrelevant and useless messages appearing from here and there when you are using a computer. The system tray in Windows 7 comes with new controls that prevent the system from being flooded with unhelpful messages and unwanted apps. This provides a much more distraction-free environment to the user.

Enhanced Hardware Compatibility

The previous versions of Windows before Windows 7, such as XP, had extreme compatibility issues with some of the older and even advanced hardware systems. Windows 7 has no such issues. Its improved CPU and RAM allow it to work efficiently with almost all hardware types. The hardware requirements are not too strict and limiting.


Windows 7 comes with a multi-touch support for touch devices. This feature may come in very handy with some of the advanced apps that are touch-friendly.

The only way you can continue using Windows 7 in all its glory is by activating it using Windows 7 product key. The best part is that this key is guaranteed to work!












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