IOBIT Driver Booster 6 pro license key For Lifetime key

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Driver Booster 6 free download is a software that enables analysis drivers and automatically installs the updated driver’s version. With one click, the software allows users to update virtually any driver.  The drivers may be outdated, missing or faulty.  Notably, the software allows for automatic scan and fix of over 400, 000 drivers including the rare ones and all kinds of game- related drivers.

Driver Booster 6 serial key is designed with easy to use interface ideal for the novice users.  Ideally, the system features a clean interface that is easy to navigate.  Users can also customize the user interface to the different font size, appearance, background, skin, and transparency.  Users can also quickly check for drivers performance at the main panel. Display of such status includes good, bad and extremely bad.

This advantage is further enhanced by the auto-download feature. The auto download function allows download and installation of update during system analysis. A great feature in this regard is that the auto- download feature operates inside the program. Therefore, the need for internet connection is eliminated.

IOBIT Driver Booster 4 pro license key For Lifetime key

IObit Driver Booster 6 PRO Lifetime Serial Keys

Also, Driver Booster 6 enables silent installation that hides installation windows and any other pop-ups during installation. Users, therefore, are guaranteed of un- interrupted work time that may be caused by the installation process.

In addition to being a handy software for updating drivers, Driver Booster crack is designed to help fix computer problems such as audio cracking, slow network, no sound issues, BSOD, system crash and device connection error.  With the software, users are freed of the crash caused by incorrect, missing or faulty drivers.  The function is enabled by the toolkit function that contains tools for fixing of the various PC problems.

Further, Driver Booster 6 now has an expanded online game component. Specifically, the feature now enables faster and more secure downloading of Game components.  The software also supports game- related graphics related and audio drivers. More so, users on online gaming can play more with various play online 3D games.

Driver Booster 6 key is designed to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows 10 and the older versions such as Windows XP. Noteworthy, the software can find updates even for Windows 10 Redstone system.

Further, the software enables automatic scan of various outdated game components including Microsoft  Direct X-Runtime, PhysX, Adobe Flash, UnityWeb, and OpenAL.


IOBIT Driver Booster 4 pro license key For Lifetime key

IOBIT Driver Booster 4 pro license key For Lifetime key

Driver Booster 5

Also, downloading of all items is optimized by the now optimized downloading engine that notably offers more stable and quick downloading.  Specifically, Driver Booster 4 has reduced downloading speed by 50%.

Users can also check for driver update history through the added update log. For easy checking for drivers that need updating, Driver Booster 4 displays two different section for the updated and outdated drivers. Moreover, users are shown the number of days since the last scan on the main screen.

The software also displays the driver’s details including the size and age before there can be any updates on the driver. The display of age details, for instance, may inform the user on whether there is the need for the update on the drivers. More so, with the option to customize scans, users can select what drivers to include in scans and even eliminate certain drivers permanently from scans. Where this feature is enabled, such selected drivers are excluded from future updates and scans.

In addition to being compatible with Windows 10 operating system, Driver Booster 4 is fully compatible with the latest Windows operating systems. Specifically, the software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8. It is also fully compatible with the older windows versions that are Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Most importantly, driver Booster 4 offers a secure update of drivers. Notably, the software only provides creating a system restore point every time before updating. more so, Driver Booster 4 keygen provides for automating checking of display resolution issues.  Further, the software only allows for drivers that are WHQL qualified. WHQL downloaded drivers are in this regard a safe source for downloading drivers.

Main Features of Driver booster lifetime Activation

  • Easy to use; 1 click screenshot function and an all-in-one command function
  • Supported in 27 languages
  • 200% larger online database
  • Ignore option that can hide device, so updates are not shown
  • Enables scheduling of updates; daily, weekly or monthly
  • Automatically creates a restore point
  • Automatically checks and fixes display resolution issues immediately after installation
  • Enables roll back drivers
  • Advanced driver compression algorithm
  • More Windows operating systems compatibility
  • Enables automatic scan for each time after reboot
  • Users can disable the start of automatic scans on reboot
  • Keeps records of your drivers in the form of a rescue center
  • Supports more than 400,000 drivers
  • Silent installation function
  • Automatic backup of all drivers for easy restore
  • Available in free and professional version
  • Toolkit with six useful tools; fix network failure, fix no sound error, fix device error, fix bad resolution, system information, and clean unplugged devices
  • Driver rollback option to restore drivers to previous versions
  • System restore function that allows the undo of all changes done in the system
  • Built-in customer feedback platform
  • Fixes faulty and missing drivers
  • Customizable user interface
  • Keeps a strict tab for gaming driver types that need update
  • Enables schedule of daily, weekly and monthly scans
  • Enables precise control of update of individual drivers
  • For a general update on drivers, users can click ‘update now.’
  • Fixed known bugs
  • Offers detailed device information including device, type, vendor, version, provider
  • Enables fast download and update of drivers

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1

Installation requirements :

  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM memory
  • 500 Mb available hard disk space

How to install and use:

  • Follow the download link
  • To initiate installation, double-click the driver-booster – setup.exe
  • For activation, ensure to have a license key
  • To begin using, launch driver booster

Driver Booster 4 serial key



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